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Marisol Apostol

Marisol Apostol, “Sol” 

Wink Artisans Owner/Designer

Ever since I can remember, I’ve liked to wear lots of bright and loud jewelry. Like when I took my mom’s entire jewelry collection to wear it at my fourth grade class in my beloved Tijuana, México. I guess I wanted to look authentic and vibrant plus get some attention. LOL. Did I get attention? You bet I did! Did I get in trouble with my mom? Of course I did... but just a little.

Marisol, three years old, after a dance performance.

I mean, how can a girl that participated in every Folklorico dance event since age three, who wore vibrant textures and colors both on costumes and bling, how can she comply with no jewelry, no style, no color in everyday life? I guess that was my precursor to jewelry, color and textures.

I make jewelry because I have crazy ideas of things I want to wear. And since they are not on the market, one day I decided to make them myself. In the process, I realized that there are other women who want to express themselves with my jewelry as well and BANG! my business was born.
Current Wink Bling.

My inspiration comes from Dia de los Muertos, Frida Kahlo, Virgencita de Guadalupe, Lucha Libre, Loteria, Crosses, Sacred Hearts, Seashells and Flora, as well as other Mexican folk icons. I want for my work to create a reaction on people, to connect them to their Mexican history, ancestors, vacation, experiences, or whatever it might be.

Past Wink Bling
I love making my bling! And it is a statement right up your face too. People either love it or hate it. I'm O.K. with that because it's passion. Big, bold, and raw designs are my poison.

I live in San Diego, California with my husband, our three adopted kids, my mom, our two dogs and our cat.

Photography, Flamenco Dance, Non-Profit Management

2009 San Diego County Fair; Gems, Minerals & Jewelry Exhibit:
Day of the Dead Necklace, 1st place, Fabrication All Metals Amateur category, 
Rose earrings, 2nd place, Student Jewelry Class category, and 

Reina Azteca Earrings, 3rd place, Exhibitor's Best of Show Amateur category.

The Wink Table

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