Monday, October 9, 2017

Mari, Mari, Mariposa!

Mariposa wearing her Papalotl collar.
Photo Credit Raq Nunez
Wow, this is a definite first!  Meet the lovely and ever playful Mariposa. She is the first dog to join the Winker tribe. Here she is sporting her new Papalotl collar.

Tag Detail
Photo CreditL Raq Nunez

The tag is all copper with an ancient butterfly Mexican design on the front and Mariposa's name, birthdate, and owner's contact info on the back. This form was found as a stamp in the Tlaltelolco archeological area.

Collar options
Photo Credit: Wink Artisans

While working on the collar, these three options were given to the custom-order client. The options were also posted on social media for Winkers to vote.  Option number two, coral and turquoise, was the winner. Yay!

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