Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Treasures You Find When You Clean Up

Assymetrical Green Leaf Earrings by Wink Artisans

You never know what you'll find when you clean up!  I admit it, I had not looked in the recycling bin at the studio. This cardboard box holds many treasures to be rediscovered: copper and silver pieces that once where "failed" or in "progress" projects, broken jewelry, found beads (and given to me too), odd pieces like broken watches, forgotten leather strips, paper, fabric, etc.

So I decided to take a look and I found that hand-colored coper leaf I made many moons ago. I have no idea why it ended up in the recycle bin.  In any case, I rescued it as it needed become something Initially, when I created that piece, I envisioned it as a pendant.  But now, it just wanted to be an earring. So I quickly began looking for green beads and silver wire to create an assymetrical pair of earrings. Me likey the finished earrings.

Hawaiian Gold Coral & Turquoise Teardrop Earrings

While I was looking in the recycled bin, I also found a few pieces of Hawaiian gold coral and few turquoise teardrop beads.   When I saw the colors together, I just knew I had to get them to work.

I'll continue digging through my recycle bin. Make sure to stop by the Wink Etsy shop and check out the new and old listings.  

Are you cleaning your closet, garage, on recycle bin?  Are you finding any treasures? Show us your findings!

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