Sunday, July 19, 2015

Frida Parade

Fridas in the Barrio

SEEING FRIDAS --  You could feel it in the dense air.  It had rained heavily during the day with loud thunder and striking lighting storms hitting San Diego all morning and afternoon, but by late afternoon, it all had cleared up and it now was sticky, hot, and humid as hell; or as someone put it, as in Cabo San Lucas. 

As soon as I got off the I-5 Freeway on Cesar Chavez Way and got to Chicano park, one could feel the buzz, the anticipation, and the excitement that something great was about to happen. 

There I was with my Wink table all set up just outside the tiny Chicano Art Gallery on Logan Avenue. The gallery was having a closing reception for the Viva Frida, A Tribute to Frida Kahlo.   I could not have had a better view, it was the best effing spot as I saw many Frida look-alikes arrived and started enjoying the festivities for the Barrio Art Crawl. Their final destination: the opening reception for The Frida Kahlo Group Show at La Bodega Gallery.  Seeing that many Fridas was magical, surreal and so very Frida!

I snapped as many pix as I could, but between saying hello to friends, helping customers, trying to post pix to social media, it was impossible to get everyone.  At the end of my shift, 
I managed to see some of the artwork at some of the galleries, but by the time I did, I had already maxed my iPhone memory- an usual occurrence for this former photographer.  Make sure to stop by the Frida show at La Bodega and check out the Frida mural.  In any case, below are some of the pix I took of the Fridas. Enjoy!


  1. Wow! Looks like that was an amazing time! Love the pics!!!

    1. It was magical! Imagine a Frida Block Party. Everywhere I looked, you saw Frida lookalikes. So much fun!