Thursday, April 30, 2015


BAILA!   Un-dos-tres, cuatro-cinco-seis, siete-ocho, nueve-diez, un-dos. Planta, tacon, golpe!  Yes, that is the sound in my flamenco class. After a while, it just becomes a mantra and when I count anything, I count in flamenco measure. I am a bit mad about flamenco.

Recently, I took an intense Flamenco dance workshop with French-born dancer,
Fanny Ara and it got me all inspired. I've been practicing almost everyday.  Maybe that's why I had to to revive my Flamenca line -which had been dormant for a while - and get some bling going. 

So here you go flamencas, this is just the beginning.
BTW, that flamenco shoe is stealing my heart!

Hammered Hoop Earrings with Orange Coral

Flamenca Tag Pendant with Red Bead


  1. Wonderful works and photogs as always! Hope my comment finds you and yours well and enjoying a lovely spring weekend! All my best!