Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Keep on Trying

KEEP ON TRYING!  I did it... once, twice, three times and it still did not work.  I got my white mugs at the 99 Cent Store, both in matte and glossy finish. I washed them and cleaned them with alcohol. I used Sharpie pens. I baked them at 350 for 30min first. Then played with the temperature on the following attempts. Some bright colors will fade (yellow, and some blues, red can become muddy if baked for too long). Black ink can take the heat.

  • First try: I drew, I baked, I washed. FAILED
  • Second try: I drew, I waited 24hrs. I baked, I washed. FAILED
  • Third try: I drew, I waited 24hrs. I baked longer, I waited 24hrs. I washed. FAILED

As I said, this was a trial and error project. I will try one more time. I found some tips on the Craftaholics Anonymous site. Perhaps, those will help us. Best luck to you and it if works for you,  please share your process and do sent your project's pix. 

By Sol at Wink Artisans,
maker of stunning, Mexican-themed, artisan jewelry.

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