Thursday, November 27, 2014


Shine like the stars!
Rhinestone Flower Key Pendant by Wink Artisans
UNLOCK! The other day, Rebecca, my 10-year-old, told me she needed a key to make a necklace to wear to school. I gave her a key and she quickly went to the recycling bin and picked up some broken earrings to work with. In about five minutes she had her new key pendant ready.  That reminds me of The Lost Earring Project I told her. Then she started jumping around and told me "let's make more key pendants, there are lots of pretty treasures in the recycling bin."  So we did.  Check out our first batch!

Key Pendant
Rebecca with her key pendant

When in doubt, put a bow on it! 
Bow Key Pendant by Wink Artisans
Love more, worry less!
Red Heart Key Pendant by Wink Artisans


  1. What beautiful works! Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!

  2. Amazing what you can do with the "recycling bin"! I have one too and use it all the time! Not on keys though.
    What an original idea! I love this Blog and glad I came here to read it!

    1. EarthLites, we are happy you found us! Keys are so much fun to work with. If you ever do work on them, send us your pix. Happy Crafting!