Friday, November 14, 2014

Tag You're It!

Handmade Artisan Jewelry by Wink Artisans- Earring Cards
The Wink Earring Cards

TAG IT!  Yip, this tag is for you. It's nice to receive thoughtful mementos. So for this holiday season, I made these earring cards. This is a super simple DIY and you can add to your gift wrapping.  

Get your tags from the local craft store or cut them yourself with these templates found on Pinterest.  Get your sewing machine -if you don't have one, go to your mother, mother-in-law, your sister, your neighbor, whomever and borrow theirs.- and some ribbons or lace.  

You can also upcycle some lace from that old shirt, skirt or dress that is in the attic. I like the lace because earrings can hang from it plus is to Shabby Chic.  But you can sew in name initials or an appliqué and voilà, your tag is ready!
Lucha Libre Luchador Earrings by Wink Artisans Artisan Jewelry Handmade
Lucha Libre Luchador Earrings by Wink Artisans
 This is how my tags turned out.  Give it a world and make some tags. Make sure to send me some pix. I always love to see your creativity. Keep on rocking!

By Sol at Wink Artisans,
maker of stunning, Mexican-themed, artisan jewelry.

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