Friday, April 25, 2014

Earring Gone Bracelet

Pewter & Blue Bracelet
The Lost Earring Project by Wink Artisans

I scored big! I was at a meeting early this week, when one of my fellow crafters from the SD Craft Monsters handed me a bag with all sorts of jewelry just before the meeting started. Clearly, this was for #TheLostEarringProject; I was so stoked that I quickly browsed through it to see what treasures I had just been granted.  One of those treasures was a broken pewter and blue earring.  It was missing the earhook and it was in bad shape.  The pewter bead caught my attention and made a mental note to take a closer look as soon as I got to the studio. 

The Earring
The following day at the studio, I took the beads off the wire and decided to make a quick and simple stretch bracelet. I cleaned up the pewter bead and paired it with royal blue, tiger eye, beads along some spacer beads and voilà, I had a new stunning bracelet.  I've been wearing it ever since.

Here's a brief video (only 15 seconds) to share with you. Go ahead, check it out and get inspired to make your own lost earring project. Share your creations with us on Pinterest, Twitter and/or Facebook. Make sure to use the hashtag #TheLostEarringProject so we can find you. Want to see how other Winkers re-fashion their pairless earrings? Then, take a look at this  Pinterest Board for more inspiration. ¡Hasta la próxima!

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