Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love is Bold!

Valentine's Day Winged Heart Statement Necklace

Yes, love is bold and it will make you do crazy things... and you love that!   It has been a while ride. I'm making bling left and right getting ideas out in metal before I forget them. Here are some gift ideas for Valentine's Day.  But in all reality, Wink bling is for everyday of the year.

Chiquita Pero Picosa Bracelet
While I would love for you to give and receive Wink bling as a gift this Valentine's Day, the best gift one can give is time.   Time to laugh, to meditate, to rest, to be silly, to be happy.

Flower Hoop Earrings
However, there's nothing wrong with giving a little extra. If you are ready to do so, keep Wink in mind. Have a phenomenal Valentine's Day!

Mixed Metal Earrings

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