Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Recycled Shipping Envelope

Recycled Shipping Envelope
I'm always recycling. Some of you may already have experienced my recycling.   I recycle paper, lots of it.  I do not buy wrapping paper at all. There's plenty of paper floating around: newspaper, brown bag paper, magazine paper, books, used gift wrapping or bags I receive. Paper its everywhere.  So I use it and reuse it every chance I get.

Here is an idea for you, if send Holiday gifts to your love ones. Not only do you save a pretty penny and be environmentally conscious, you also get to be creative and send a OOAK (one-of-a-kind) shipping envelope that serves as wrapping paper.

For the recycled shipping envelope.

  1.  Look for your bubble shipping envelopes (yes, the ones you got with your Wink bling) and remove all of the old labels.
  2. Look for potential paper to be used. You could use whatever paper you want, new or used.  As I said, I like to recycle so I use brown paper bags,  previously used wrapping paper, old maps, magazine pages, old books, etc.  
  3. Cut paper to the size of the envelope. Don't forget the flap. You could cover the entire envelope, front and back or just the front.  It's up to you. I used to do both, but now I only do the front.
  4. Sew the paper onto the envelope.  Pick a long stitch.  This could be done by hand or with a sewing machine.  Also, use contrasting color threads for fun. 
  5. The envelope is done.
For shipping your newly recycled envelope.
  1. Use a white background label for the address (after all, the mailman needs to be able to read it).
  2. Use clear packing tape to seal the flap and all side of the envelope. This will prevent it from getting caught and ripped on the post office machines and potential paper cut on post office personnel.
That's it, let me know how yours turn up. Post them on pinterest with @winkartisans in the description so I can see them.   Gracias!

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