Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Revisiting Precious Metal Clay

Fine Silver Sugar Skull Pendant by Wink Artisans
You know, you buy a new gadget and are all excited about it. You use it for a while and then for whatever reason you stop using it. Maybe is because materials are too expensive, or is a challenging technique, or simply you just have no time for it.  It happens all the time, before you know it, the gadget is out in storage collecting dust.

My Paragon Kiln back in business.
Well, that's exactly what I did to my Paragon kiln.  I must confess, it was out in storage for over three years.  WTF! I paid a pretty penny for this kiln, I better start using it or sell it. So late last month, I decided to get some Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and put it to use.  Finally, yesterday,  I sat down and got to revisit two Day of the Dead pendants from years past.

Precious Metal Clay shaped, dried, and ready to fire.

It took me a few minutes to find all the tools and supplies to set up my work area.  And there I was, trying to remember how to handle the metal clay to make new bling.  Luckily, in just few seconds, my hands knew exactly what to do. As I prepped the clay, I just kept thinking to move fast, not to over handle the clay -heat from my hands could cause it to lose moisture and dry faster.  Before I knew it, the clay was gone and I had two new pieces to fire on the kiln.  Yay!

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