Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ma'am There's Been an Accident

Monday evening was stressful. There's nothing worst than to answer the phone and receive news of an accident.  One's heart just sinks!

This is how it went down.

My mother, Carolina, went to pick up the Zonia and Rebecca from school. I was getting ready for an important business meeting with the SD Craft Monsters.  As I'm running around making copies and having all documents ready, returning texts about location, and putting on my heels, I get a call that there has been an accident. A teen driver failed to pay attention to the traffic and rear ended my mom's car causing whiplash on all three passengers.

Roger, my husband, said "don't worry, I'll go check it out and tell you if you must cancel your appointment." Off he went to meet my mom and the girls on the I-5 south.   Upon his arrival he found two ambulances taking my family to Sharp Hospital.  He immediately called me and said to go to the hospital, which I did. I drove there and found my mom in a lot of pain. Quickly, the doctor directed me to see the girls too, Rebecca started crying as soon as she saw me. I wanted to cry too.

Luckily, after all the scans and blood tests, it was determined that they were fine and it was just the immediate shock of the accident. They are sore but there are no broken bones or internal bleeding. How blessed they were. They got to go home that same night.  Thank God nothing major happened!

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