Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Lost Earring Project: OOAK Gift Bag

The Lost Earring Project: One-Of-A-Kind Gift Bag by Wink Artisans
Wow, The Lost Earring Project kicked off nicely at the SD Craft Monsters Etsy Craft Party.  And now, here's a gift bag project for you to make with a dangling earring.  It's super easy and fun, especially if you get a coolio paper like I did (I got mine at Back From Tomboctou). And I scored big with the skull button too (its a garage sale find).   Get your single earrings ready and make some amazing gift bags for this summer parties.

Do you have an idea for The Lost Earring Project? Get hands on and show us your before and after pics. You can email me your pics... who knows? your project may even make it to The Lost Earring Project Pinterest Board.   Ready, Set, Go have fun!

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