Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pedro Graduated

Pedro wearing his skull bracelet on graduation day.

Woo Hoo, we have a high school graduate!  Pedro did it! What a ride this has been, to see him grow and become a young man.  His days at High Tech High Media Arts are now part of history... and now, the world is waiting for him. Yes, I am crying already.  I've been crying all day.

Rebecca, Roger (my hubby), Pedro, Zonia & Carolina (my mama)
In any case, remember last summer I made a ton of skull on a leather cord bracelets?  Well, I made him and my hubby one.  My husband wore his daily until recently when the leather cord broke. But Pedro did not wear his at all. Then this morning as he is getting ready for graduation, I see this skull around his wrist. Aww!  I had been trying to contain my tears all morning and then I see that... well, that's when the crying started for sure. Pedro, I love you 'til the end of the world and back, you rock!

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