Friday, May 10, 2013

Wink Friend Karla Martinez

Spike Necklace Model by Karla Martinez

Earlier this week, Wink friend, Karla Martinez came to the studio to spend some time with me.  Well, at least that is what I would like to think.  In reality, she came over to spend time with the Wink bling. She tried all the necklaces over and over.

White Papel Picado Necklace Model by Karla Martinez
When she saw me fidgeting with my smart phone trying to take some pics. She asked for the black tube top I keep there for clients to wear when trying out the bling. Also, she quickly checked her make-up and hair.  She's so generous by letting me have impromptu mini photo shoots.  Most importantly, we have a blast taking photos.  We laugh, act silly and have lots of fun.  Thank you Karla!

Turquoise Flower Necklace (Gone)

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