Friday, May 24, 2013

The Pillow Project

Pillows by Wink Artisans
About time I opened the fabric bin and started working on some pillows! Over the years, I've collected fabric from numerous projects: purses, bracelets, curtains, flamenco dresses, my kids' dresses, etc.  Then there's the fabrics/remnants I get from friends in the interior design industry. Needless to say, I got fabrics.

Red with White Pok-A-Dot Virgencita Pillow
I try to re-purpose and to buy locally whenever possible. So this pillow project was no exception. As I started selecting the fabrics to work on the pillows, I was reminded of the many crafters and quilters I've met along my DIY journey. So many lessons learned, so many great tips and so many valuable gifts. Thank you fellow crafters!

Blue Raw Silk Virgen de Guadalupe Pillow
So, my goal is to empty the bin - I could use it for something else- and turn all the printed fabric into pillows ... heck,  that's going to be a lot of pillows, do I hear a pillow fight coming on?!  In any case, if you are looking for a fun, handmade, one of a kind pillow, make sure to visit the Wink Artisans Etsy Shop. Or if you have your own pillow idea  or have fabric you want to turn into a pillow, email me, I'll hook you up with a great personalized pillow.  Now, if you make your own pillow, make sure to upload a pic on my Pinterest Pillow Project Board.  Let's have fun with this project!

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