Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Lost Earring Project by Wink

It happens often, I'll be on a walk with my husband and before I know it he says "look an earring, maybe you can use it?" I think, OK buddy, this is all chewed up, ran over and god-only-knows what else has happened to this runaway earring... but I save it nonetheless.

It's inevitable, we lose earrings just like we lose socks... there we are, trying to find the pair but it is long gone.   So, what do we do with the earring that is left behing? Do we keep it in our jewelry box hoping that the other earring will somehow find its way back? Or better yet, do we give it a new life and give it to someone as a gift?


  • Recently, I asked the following question on Facebook: When you lose an earring, what do you do with the other one?  Some of you responded: Xmas Tree Ornament, Brooch, Pendant, Ring, and Purse Accessory

    So it got me thinking to create a community DIY project where we take the earring left behind to create something new.  So here is the challenge, find the one earring, make something new, take before and after pics and upload them into The Lost Earring Project board on Pinterest. Once the project is completed, we will gift the finished projects to less fortunate group in our community.

    So what you'll need
    1. The infamous earring
    2. Various craft supplies depending on how you'll repurpose the earring.
    3. A camera device (smart phone will do)
    4. Access to a collage app to create a pic with both before and after images.
    5. Pinterest account to pin you pic to The Lost Earring Project Board.

    Let you imagination and creativity take over and make an awesome project. The best projects will be featured on the Wink Artisans Blog. So get going, find that earring and do your amazing project, take the pics, and upload them by June 15th, 2013.

    Some ideas:
    Key chain
    Photo Frame decor
    Candle decor
    Wine glass charm
    Napkin Ring decor
    Lampshade decor
    Mixed Media Art
    Art Boxes
    Greeting Cards

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