Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tip of the Day: Photography

Today is an overcast day in San Diego. And you might say its a sad day... but if you want to photograph your items, it is the perfect day.  

Overcast days even out the light making the sky acts as a huge soft box. Color is easier to capture as there is no glare or hot spots reflected. 

Something to consider is the light settings on your camera.  I use my phone camera for my pics.  I have turned off the flash as I don't like that hard light on my items or on people.  Then, I keep the white balance on AUTO, but you can play with it.  The DAYLIGHT setting will give it a cooler feel almost with a hint of grey-green.  The CLOUDY setting will bring back the yellows and reds  in the image making it warmer. The INCANDESCENT will make it super bluish (this setting is to be used with incandescent lighting).  And then, there is FLOURESCENT, which will give images that bluish green tone (this setting is to be used with fluorescent lighting).

Other settings that you can play with is the contrast setting which will make the lights areas lighter and the dark arear darker making your image crispier.  Also, if you are shooting small objects, you may want to switch to the macro setting.

I hope this helps you create more color accurate product pictures.

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