Friday, February 22, 2013

Ballerina Finger Legs

Ballerina Finger Legs by Marisol Apostol
Body Painting, Tissue Paper
Camera Phone Photography
Some of you may know this already, every Friday, yours truly must create some thing new with parameters given by the SD Craft Monsters.  It's an exercise to spark creativity and to take a break from the work schedule.

The theme given for this Friday was Black & White. Oh boy, all week long I struggled with this one! I thought of baking a chocolate cake and then use white fondant... but too much time involved.  Then I looked into fabrics, maybe I could do a polka-dot something... the thought of bringing the sewing machine out killed that idea.  Ah, maybe polymer clay dice or domino... not quite.

Finally, as I was putting things away, I came across some "make up" I got for my girls.  You know, that clownish make up you get for your kids to do face painting?  That's the one.  Immediately, I knew I wanted to paint my fingers and create ballerina legs. For the tutu I made a toilet-tissue-paper flower that I held in place with my thumb.  With the other hand, I grabbed my phone and snapped away some pics.

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