Sunday, January 27, 2013

I See Craft Monsters

Did I mention that January was for experimenting?  Yes, I did about two posts ago.

One of the reasons I have been so quiet this month, is that I was away setting up the infrastructure for a new team, the SD Craft Monsters.  It is my new pet project with the objective to help crafters (myself included) to become entrepreneurs.

Most of the time, we, crafters, are so consumed by our craft making that when it comes to running our businesses we are simply handicapped.  I've gathered a team of 12 crafters/artists to work together into obtaining the best tools possible to be successful craft entrepreneurs. My hope is for us to become self-sufficient and to learn from one another. To get involved into the planning and development of our businesses. To learn the best business practices and apply them to our craft.  Also, to team up with community leaders and make an impact in our communities. To be leaders. To kick ass!

It's hard work!  We are starting at the beginning, reviewing everything and anything in our business models. We are talking to Small Business centers and potential business partners.  For now, keep your eyes open, we have some amazing DIY Workshops and Shopping Experiences lined up.

I'm sure you'll get to hear of our progress in the future months.

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