Monday, December 3, 2012

New Virgencita Earrings

Virgencita Earrings by Wink Artisans
Look at what I made the other day!  Well, in actuality, it took me about three weeks to get the concept to work.  Nonetheless, here they are just in time for the Virgen de Guadalupe Day on December 12th. 

By the way, do you take part at your local celebration?  For those of you in San Diego, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish will be having a FIESTA FOR OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE. The celebration begins on December 11 at 6AM and concludes after the 7:30PM Mass on the 12th. There will be delicious food and drinks for sale. The Mass Schedule for December 12 is 12:00AM Midnight  Mass will begin at this time or sooner if the church is filled to capacity.  6:00AM  Mass will begin at this time or sooner if the church is filled to capacity.  8:00AM   12NOON   5:30PM   7:30PM in the church  AND  7:30PM in the parish hall.

Would I make it to the midnight mass? mmm, there is a possibility, the one that for sure I will not make it to is the 6AM one.  At that time, I am sound asleep and counting sheep. 

Back to the earrings.  Make sure to snatch them before somebody else does. Only one pair available. Find them on The Wink Artisans Etsy shop.

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