Monday, November 5, 2012

Dia de los Muertos Recap

Face-painting by Elizabeth Piña
Day of the Dead rocked da house!  It was intense, non-stop fun... I was even on the local news both for English and Spanish speaking audiences - all it took was the face- painting and my red huipil top and my red ruffled skirt and I was the center of attention.  I was able to keep it together with very few hours of sleep; even when I had to switch gears and go to an unplanned venue (special thanks to my buddy Jorge Piña for hooking me up).  It all worked out fabulously!

By Saturday morning I was exhausted, and yet, I had to teach a two-hour flamenco dance class, which I did.  Then in the afternoon, I turned off my phone and collapsed.  I slept in and out until Monday morning.  Now, I've turned on my phone and I'm ready to start the another fabulous work week.  Below are some images from the festivities.  Enjoy!

Lovely couple from Las Vegas,  Patsy and Woody Revolt, 
who visited Old Town just for the Day of the Dead festivities.

Elizabeth Piña face-painting Zonia
at Back From Tomboctou
Face-painting artist Elizabeth Piña and Zonia

Rebecca getting her face painted by Elizabeth Piña

Rebecca and Zonia holding marygolds by the La Catrina wall
at Back From Tomboctou
Mr. Roger Apostol (my hubby) at Back From Tomboctou
Campo Santo Cemetery in Old Town
Dia de los Muertos Altar at the Campo Santo Cemetery in Old Town

Dedications for my father and sister at the Campo Santo Cemetery

Messages for the dearly departed
at the Campo Santo Cemetery
With artist Jorge Piña and Roger Apostol setting up
 our booth at the La Vista Memorial Park

Los muertitos dancing some cumbias
at the La Vista Memorial Park aka National City cemetery

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