Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Big, Bold And Raw

I never really follow fashion trends.  Don't get me wrong,  I love fashion, but fashion that is wholesome and selfmade.  Even as a kid, I managed to cut my kindergarden uniform and make it to my liking. I jumped, kicked and screamed doing so until my nanny gave up and took me to school wearing my new creation. Once in 3rd or 4th grade, I took all of my mom's necklaces, and I do mean all, and wore them to school like nothing (I don't believe I knew about Frida Kahlo then). Other kids and even teachers kept asking me if I was in a performance or something.  How I wish I had a picture of how I looked then.  

By my preteen years, I was already labeled weird due to my choice of clothing.  I did not care, I was having fun and feeling great. Then in my teens, as I got more confortable with sewing, I created my own fashion look by making my skirts and fixing dresses and other garments I got at the second-hand store - back, then we did not have the term upcycled, but I can assure it I was doing that.

Wink Artisans Past Work

It's no surprise that my jewelry doesn't really follow trends either.  When I try to follow trends, it just doesn't work for me. The bling goes stale on my display. Now, when I create things that pump my blood and kick my adrenaline, magic just happens.  I truly love making my bling!  I've been at it since 2006. It has grown over the years and it has taken many turns. 

Helpless-Armless and Falling Apart, Mixed Media
Marisol Lopez All Rights Reserved 1999
Big, bold and raw designs are my poison. I've  always liked to make a statement right up your face since my early photography and graphic design work. People either love or hate my work.  I'm O.K. with that. I want for my work to stir emotions and create a reaction on people. Ah, but if you love my work, beware, it's  going to drive you crazy! But you know that already. Right?

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