Friday, October 26, 2012

My Customer Made Me Do It!

Sol modeling an Ozma of Oz Custom Order Headpiece by Wink Artisans
Ha, ha, ha!  Yes, my customer made me do it!  She sure did!  I love working on custom orders, not only do I get to play with an already financed project.  I also get my ingenuity going with pieces that I wouldn't ordinarily produce.  Up to this point, I had been doing lots of custom ordered jewelry and some accessories, mostly silk flowers and hair pins. But let me tell you, the Ozma of Oz headpiece project pushed my way of thinking and process. The customer wanted the piece out of metal... my biggest concern was to make it light weight so that it would not fall off.   I made it work, it's not heavy or uncomfortable and it does not fall off.  Yeah!

Flower Hair Accessories by Wink Artisans
Also, I made the flowers that go with the costume.  I am happy with the finished product.  My client will be so happy when she picks it up later today.   She will be so ready for her halloween party tomorrow.
Ozma of Oz

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