Thursday, October 11, 2012

Calaverita Earrings

Calaverita Earrings by Wink Artisans

The other day during a street fair, someone commented to my daughter Zonia "How great it must be to have a mom who makes jewelry" to which Zonia replied instantly:  "Not really, I must learn to make the jewelry if I want it."  Of course we all like instant gratification, and yet, handmaking anything can teach you about process and about problem solving.  So when my kids want bling to give as presents or for themselves, I teach them how to do it.   They don't always agree or have the patience for it, but we try.

After making few calaverita earrings, of course both of my girls, Zonia and Rebecca, wanted their own pair.  So I taught how to make them.  Soon they were telling me about every color combination possible - turquoise with pink, yellow with purple, red with white, and every color under the rainbow-  it was so much fun!  While they made their earrings, I took advantage of their color combinations  and made some more calaverita earrings for my inventory. And they are a hit!  Make sure to snatch your pair A.S.A.P. as they are going fast!  Check them out on my Etsy shop.

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