Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Yeah, we are liked!  Check out these testimonials. 

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece! I wear it with so many things & always get compliments...
can't wait to see what you make next! I HIGHLY recommend this seller :)" -- M.R.

"This is an amazing piece. It is beautifully crafted,
very original and ilicited many positive comments." -- P.B.

"Seeing this in person, I feel like I am back on the windswept island I left so many years ago...
Simple and yet so detailed. Precious, full of care -- this necklace speaks directly to my heart!
I love it so much, and doing business with you is such a pleasure. Thank you for everything!" -- S.P.


  1. What's not to like? Your works have always been some of my fave pieces! Kudos and congrats are in order!!