Monday, May 28, 2012

Photo Play

Anatomical Heart modeled by Karla.  The Image was PicMonkey enhanced.
Wink Artisans ©  2012

Creativity never really stops.  I can hear the chatter in my brain "try this, "do that, "start all over again," "more textures," etc..  Today is no different.  I did not make it to the dance studio or the jewelry studio to work on my craft but I got my computer and so the ingenuity and creativity continue.

I selected this image taken just last week and decided to "play" with it and see what I could do to it with the technology at hand, "PicMonkey." It reminds me so much of my photography and graphic design years over a decade ago. What used to take me days, even weeks not it was done in a matter of minutes. Check out the two images from back in 1999. 

"Helpless-Armless & Falling Apart" Mixed Media (Silver Gelatin & Acrylics)
Marisol Lopez © 1999

 "Helpless-Armless & Falling Apart" (a self-portrait of a kind) was made with by hand from taking the photo with a large format camera to printing to the mixed media painting. 

"The Wife Should" Computer Generated Image
Marisol Lopez © 1999

"The Wife Should" is a computer generated image and it's a commentary on a book excerpt giving advise to men in the 50's on what to look for when selecting a wife. The image was fully generated with a scanner and computer.  There were three elements: a knife, cotton and chicken skin, which all were scanned and modified to create the pic.  No worries, the chicken skin was on a ziploc baggie so there was no harm done to the scanner. 

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