Thursday, April 5, 2012

Work in Progress: Frida Calavera

Frida Calavera Sketch by Wink Artisans

It's funny how inspiration hits you when you least expected.  The last weeks, I've been tormenting myself as creativity has been on a dry spell. I seat at my worktable and stare at the wall.  I keep looking at my art books,  I watch art and archeology movies, I go to museums, I read books... I doodle, doodle and doodle some more and yet nothing substantial emerges.  What happened to all the ideas I had last month? Okay, it's time to revisit my sketches... but before I do that, I need to take a siesta.

Yesterday late afternoon I took a nap and when I woke up a burst of inspiration came my way.  Quickly, I gathered paper, pencils, erasers, Sharpies, and my books...  and let's not forget Google.   Soon, I was working into the late hours of the night.   Woo Hoo!   Finally, I got some ideas on paper. Check out the Frida Calavera sketch above. Now the trick will be to transfer them to metal.  Well, that's another story.


  1. This post is inspiring for me. I have been having a dry spell myself! Thanks for letting me know that dry spells will pass if you just keep thinking creatively and REST the mind! Nice work as always!

  2. Ceci, I'm glad it's inspiring to you. Yes, REST is key. Hope your creativity has resume its course. Thank you for stopping by!