Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Heart with Intention

Copper Heart with Sterling Silver Flower by Wink Artisans

Custom orders are always interesting.  They are possessions in which someone's dream design becomes alive. Designers, we have an interesting task at hand, we must have the necessary skills to pull off a project and also the diplomacy, finesse, and persuasion to guide our clients towards good design & function.

Side view, barely noticeable are three dots representing the number three.
Few weeks ago, over at my shoebox studio,  I met with Sarah, one of my clients, to discuss her custom order heart pendant.  She had gotten a Wink Artisans Gift Certificate for her 31st birthday back in the fall and now she was ready to use it towards a custom order. She mentioned she wanted a copper heart with the word intention on the back so it could be near her heart and perhaps flowers on the front.  Then I said, what size? what shape? how about the placement of the flower? textured? stamped letters?...  et cetera.  She said "there are so many heart shapes!".

Back of  Heart Pendant with the word "Intention" in sterling silver.
Also the rivet from the flower works as a one dot completing the number 31
and as an over-sized tittle for the first I in the word.
  I presented her with options she had no idea she could do and also diverted her away from less favorable designs.  Eventually, after many rough sketches, we both agreed on a design full of symbolism and hidden messages. The final design included the copper heart, the word "intention" in sterling silver, the flower, hammer texturing, the number 31 (to mark her 31st birthday) in cryptic, and oxidation.

Last Friday Sarah returned to my studio to pick up her very-personalized custom order.  Happy indeed she was with the finished pendant.  My work was done for the day.

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