Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bridal Custom Order

Wink model KLM wearing the bridal custom order.
The last two days I've been slaving away on a custom order for a bride.  The request, which is  is a little different than my usual work, challenged my creativity (a recurrent phenomenon with custom orders).  You know me, I'm a metal jeweler, I make skulls, and sacred hearts and all sorts of edgy jewelry.  For this order, I truly had to visualize the whole bridal world and my client's desires.  Luckily, I can always rely on process to get me through a project.  Usually, the breakthrough happens after long hours of trying to find a solution.  For the earrings, it happened after 2am after multiple trials. The multi-strand necklace had to be restrung in the morning (I had to buy supplies)  to include the silver components. I measured, re-measured and triple measured to make sure it would work. 

Now that this custom order is complete, I must shift my focus to metal as a Catrina is next on  my to do list.