Monday, October 17, 2011


Wow, Wink is a Finalist!

Few weeks ago, my computer broke down.  I mean it died!  The hard drive was no where to be found.  I tried, and tried and tried to reboot it numerous times and nothing.  Ultimately, I gave up and went down to the Apple store to get me a new iMac which took some more days to arrive at my home.

By the time I was online again, lots had happened.  My email was in serious need of help, and my Facebook events where overflowing.  There was one peculiar message,  I had received notice from RAWArtists about the upcoming voting for the RAWards 2011 my category Accessories Designer of the Year. It was too late for me to send messages to ask friends, family and fans to vote for me so I let it go.  Then today, I get an email mentioning that Wink is part of the  San Diego 2011 Nominees. OMG, really!  Wow, how did it happened? In any case, the National Popular Vote already passed, next is the City Semi-Final RAWards Showcase in November where patrons get to vote.  And then in December will be the Panel of  Judges Vote & Determine the Final National Winners (I believe there are 21 cities competing).

The prizes for the winner are pretty insane: Consignment at Fred Segal, Magazine Features, etc. It is still a long shot, but all is possible. We'll see how this develops. Wish me luck!

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