Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yesterday's Progress: Flamenca

By Sol

I have been slaving away, making as much as I can for the upcoming craft shows I have.  Days turn into nights and vice versa.  Long days and long nights of metal cutting and bead work. So yesterday I decided to make something for me, something to commemorate my 40th birthday on September 2nd. I quickly reached for the silver sheet and copper and created this banner necklace.  I was so happy for myself!  I posted a picture on Facebook and my flamenco buddies were ooing it all along.  

Flamenca Banner Necklace 

This morning my hubby said, "it's great!  How about I buy your B-day gift from Wink Artisans?" I was like what you mean? Then he proceeded to tell me "I give you money to make your favorite design?' Well, that was sweetness to my ears.  I do like this "Flamenca Banner Necklace" however, I have other designs in the burner.  So I will let this necklace go and I will make myself something else for my B-day present now that my hubby will finance it.  Why doesn't he go and buy me some bling you may ask?... well, he knows better!  He knows that it gotta be some pretty special bling for me to like.  So he rather pay materials and labor so that I get exactly what I want. 

Flamencas out there, did you get it? It's for sale!  Move your "stompy" feet fast and be the first one to get it!

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