Monday, September 5, 2011

Two Winkers

Spend the morning visiting with two Winkers.  They are probably my youngest and oldest customers.

Doña Enriqueta proudly wearing her Catrina Necklace

First, I drove to the South Bay to see Doña Enriqueta. who is always elegantly dressed in her beautiful Huipil Mexicano. She recently purchased the Catrina necklace prototype, I had to make the chain longer as it was little too tight on her. 

La Catrina by Wink Artisans
She showed me her catrina collection and told me that she was a school teacher during her working years in her beloved Tijuana. She shared stories with me and introduced me to her daughter, granddaughter and great grandkids. 

Vanessa wearing her new Virgen de Guadalupe rosary

Speaking of kids...  then, I headed North on I-805 to my studio in North Park, to meet up with Vanessa and her parents. Vanessa had been patiently waiting for her light pink Virgen de Guadalupe rosary to be ready.  She asked her dad, Noe Alvarez, about it constantly. After all, both her parents had Virgen de Guadalupe rosaries by Wink Artisans, so naturally, she had to have one too.  

She was quietly excited while she tried it. I wrapped the rosary around her neck and her eyes were shining brighter. She was a happy camper and ready to start the second grade with the Virgencita blessings. Go Vanessa!

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