Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Escargot Bling?

Begonia Escargot at the Botanical Building
in Balboa Park, San Diego

Wow, what a great afternoon! It was another day in paradise here in San Diego.  I was lucky to see my long time photography and flamenco friend Kathleen D. (Kata as I call her) at the Botanical Building in Balboa Park. We had not seen each other for four years so we had much catching up to do.  She and I studied photography back in the 90's and did many photo collaborations. Back then, dreamed up projects, curated exhibits, shared techniques, etc. So today was no exception. It was nice to think of photography other then my daily catalog type work for my jewelry designs.

Caterpillar outside the Botanical Building in Balboa Park
As we were getting ready to enter the Botanical Building, Kata notice a beautiful and intricate flower, the as we looked closer, they were, the black-yellow-white striped caterpillars. They were all over this bush! Baby ones, medium ones and the "muy grande" ones too. I had to snap a pic "for my kids" I said, but in reality,  it was for me.  As soon as we enter the building Kata notice the luscious Begonia Escargot plant, "look at it's shape!" she said. Of course I had to take a pic, I dig spirals and this Begonia Escargot form needed to come home with me (it reminded me of the award-winning Reyna Azteca earrings I made back in 2008).  My head was buzzing with ideas for this new oval spiral shape and I could not stop thinking of the possibilities: married metal with copper and silver, no wait maybe inlay, or onlay, or acid etching, or, or, or.  You get the picture, right?

Reyna Azteca Earrings

So before we knew it, we were being kick out of the building as it was closing. WTF! We are not done talking!  So we strolled to the Casa del Prado, Patio A to look for some shade and say our goodbyes.  Being the photo geeks we are, we had to notice the beautiful, golden, late-afternoon light bouncing from the walls. There was a bridal photo shoot taking place and of course I had to inject my opinion on it.  Needless to say, I  had to take more pics. You had to see me trying to control the phone camera settings to get a "photograph" not just a picture.  As I snapped the phone camera I kept saying "I hope we are on the frame" and at the same time I was hoping for interesting angles.  Thank you Kata for the inspiring afternoon.  Now about that escargot bling...  well, at least is on my to do list.  Should I even called escargot?  More later.

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