Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Day in Paradise

Stamp Your Heart Workshop at OB Centric Galleria

Last Monday evening I packed a box with all sort of jewelry making goodies and drove off to Ocean Beach to teach my Stamp Your Heart Out workshop.  Oh boy, did we have fun!  For starters, OB Centric Galleria offers wine and tea to the workshop participants - I made sure to stay away from the wine, I after all was to teach, plus I was to use a hammer. Wine + hammer, not a good combination.  I only had water. 

Ann working on the scrap copper metal.

There we were, eight students, the gallery coordinator and I. Between the wine, water, and tea, we began the workshop.  The first hour went by quickly as the students tried and tried again the hammering technique on scrap copper metal.  They really liked hitting the metal!

Nancy hammering while everyone watches

The students had fun figuring out  the word to be stamped. WTF  and  CATCH were mentioned with bursts of laughter. Ultimately, ROBE, FREE, TE AMO, NOW,  and ADIP (Another Day in Paradise) among others made the cut.

As the workshop continued, more wine was poured.  I put all hammers and blocks away and moved into the oxidizing the metal. Yet another fun part.  Students darkened the metal, washed it off, darkened it again, and sanded it until they were happy with their stamped heart.

Finished Piece.  ADIP (Another Day in Paradise) by Cece
The workshop came to a close exactly at the two hour mark. Everyone had finished and was wearing they newly handmade copper heart.  And that was how "Another Day in Paradise" came to a close at OB Centric Galleria

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