Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Being a creative person, I recycle, upcycle and reuse, as much as I can.  So I decided to get my home ready for The Holidays, meaning clear those things that I no longer need or use. So I turned to the FreeCycle network in my community and posted "offered" entries.  I gave away clothing, accessories, household items, electronics, you name it.  It felt good to clear the clutter and helped out someone else at the same time.

Then all of the sudden, my Mac mouse gave up.  Yikes,  imagine my horror!   I do a great deal of computer work both creative and non-creative.   Once again, I turned to the FreeCycle and posted a "wanted" Mac mouse entry.  I have seen this "Wanted" entries posted before, but never done it myself.  To my surprise, a generous Ted responded promptly and offered me a Mac mouse he was no longer using. Now I am a happy camper using the computer again... yeah!  Thank you mucho Ted!

Check out FreeCycle at and find a group near you. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!

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