Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's A Bat Thing

They are fury and fussy, small and often times misunderstood.  Recently a client from the U.S. Virgin Islands came to me with a special request, she wanted me to create a bat.  See, she works with bats, specifically with the velvety freetail bats.  So there I was trying to learn all I could about such creature, learning that is about the size of a person's thumb, that it's fur is soft, the ears triangular and that it reproduces one offspring per year among many other facts.  I am so happy that my client took me down the bat path as it is so perfect with the upcoming Halloween festivities. Now I want to go to the San Diego Zoo and start looking at bats, do some sketches and get more inspiration down my way.


  1. Very Kuel and I too dig bats! I wish you well and love your creative works!

    All The Best or should I say All The Bats! Teehee!

  2. thank you mucho NeverTooOld. Likewise!