Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Daily Project

My Daily Project 4/30/2010, Day 1

So I have started a daily project. I really don't know why or where it will take me. All I know is that everyday, I make it a priority to spend time planning, designing and executing the project.

I decided to use the Virgen de Guadalupe theme in a house. Now a house could be in a traditional setting or in the most progressive or survival way (e.g. cave, tree, under a bridge, boat, etc.). Also, I am trying to use materials that are available in my household or studio forcing me to be creative with what is at hand. I am 7 days into the project and everyday it challenges me tough I am enjoying the process. You can see my progress on my Flickr photo album

Stay tuned as there will be 365 projects to parade through. Cheering and ideas are highly encouraged. Thanks!

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