Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bobby Pin Guadalupe

While I was doing a bit of spring cleaning the other day, I came a cross old copies Popular Photography magazines. Now, I do not like to get rid of publications so I browsed the pages to see if I could come up with an excuse to keep them... and then there it was, on the last page of the Jan 2006 issue was my excuse. It was a one page article on Chema Madoz a Spanish photographer.

My eyes where having a revelation, how did I miss this article in 2006? The B&W imagery is out of this world. Surreal but not digital. Simple and strong. Ahh, his work made me long to be a photographer again.

In any case, I saw an image made with bobby pins and I immediately thought of my daily project: La Virgen de Guadalupe and got inspired to make it work. So here it is, my bobby pin Virgen de Guadalupe. Gracias Chema Madoz por la inspiracion.

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