Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unexpected Find

Just last Friday, I decided to re-organize my studio. I moved everything; bookshelves, supplies, kiln, computer, boxes filled with art supplies, textiles, photos, clip art. Then there was my jewelry supplies (this is my task at hand) silver, gold, copper, brass, tools... you name it, I moved, dusted, cleaned, categorized everything. Sometime in the middle of the night I wanted to give up... I had a mess to start with but by about 3am it had turned into a war-like chaos. It does not help that I have an eye for detail and spend to much time figuring out miniscule complexities.

In any case, as I was moving things around and throwing trash away, I found a good amount of silver. NOW, that's like finding a $100 bill in your winter jacket! YAY!!! I can create another skull I thought, or another heart... then my mind did not want to clean anymore, I wanted to go create. Some how I had miss-placed that silver and forgot all about it. And I am so glad I found it as it comes at the perfect time. Lately, I have been indeed limited with funds for creativity and have not purchase any supplies for a long while. I am happy that I can play and keep creating for a little while longer. Thank you universe!!!

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