Saturday, April 25, 2009

Big, Bright and Blingy

Oh yes, I did! I revisited my image transfers and came up with these big, bright and blingy pendants that are so much fun to wear.

There are multiple ways to do image transfers... I, being a trained photographer want to always go back to Polaroid emulsion transfers... but there are so many others ways... and a lot easier too. You can put your favorite image on paper, plastic, wood, fabric, metal, leather, and anything you can dream of. Here are the titles of some books that mention image transfer techniques: Designer Style Jewelry by Sherri Haab, Metal Craft Discovery Workshop by Linda a& Opie O'Brien, and Crafty Chica's Art De la Soul by Kathy Cano Murillo.

The fun thing about image transfers is that you can make it your own and put pictures of your favorite drawing, you pet, your baby, your car, etc. So go ahead and have fun with it.

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