Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reina Azteca

I called this pair of earrings "Reina Azteca" (Aztec Queen) and it was made for a school project . The inspiration came from my research on the Day of the Dead. I had previously done a necklace with a skull pendant and now was the turn to take a closer look and made earrings that would complement the neck piece. Well, this is what I made. It took me a while, many sketches, much web surfing... especially Mexico's City's Museo Nacional de Antropologia, sculptor Alexander Calder, and jewelry artist Otto Kunzli websites. Then finally, the design developed before my eyes... then it was all logistics and economics (as I am financially challenged like many others) to make it happen.

The earrings were made with one sheet of sterling silver. Gauge was 25 - I personally stretched the sterling silver in the roller mill so that it will be thin and become more malleable and not as heavy... after all, they are to be worn as earrings. I also used gold-filled wire. The rest was just simple sawing, hammering and liver of sulfur techniques.

I am very happy on the outcome and plan to explore the theme some more. Please tell me your impressions/comments as I would like to use your feedback in future projects.

Thanks, Sol

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  1. I’ve never read the series so I couldn’t tell you, but I enjoyed the film adaptation from director Robert Schwentke.