Thursday, October 30, 2014

Morning Walk Finds

Bandera Mexicana Altar 

WALK! They say it helps you lose weight. It's true, I've lost some 25 lbs. but that's another story. Every morning my dogs, Rocky & Luna, take me on a fast-pace, get-out-of-breath, walk. 

Ofrenda de Maiz
It's amazing the things you can notice during a morning walk with these two fur babies. They sniff everything, not only trees, bushes and posts, but also street art, cars, and Day of the Dead altars. 

Limones & Apples
Yip, my hood is that festive, we got the colorful Dia de los Muertos Altars through out my community. That's thanks to the Muertos Festival put together by the Sherman Heights Community Center and the Historic Barrio District.  

Cafecito & Arroz
Neighbors are encouraged to set up their altars and ofrendas... and many do.  Thank you vecinos!

Native American Altar
If you wan to see some mega Altares, make sure to stop by the Festival this Saturday, November 1st.  I'll be vending too, so you can always stop by the Wink booth and say hello (and snatch your wink!).
The Teepee

In any case,  I hope the pics of the altars right around my block are enough to brighten your day. 

The Celestial Background
Perhaps, you get motivated to set up your own altar in your front lawn. If you do, make sure to send us pics. We would love to see them.

Rocky & Luna inspecting this Native American altar.

As always, rock your wink!

By Sol at Wink Artisans,
maker of stunning, Mexican-themed, artisan jewelry.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Snatch Some Wink

SNATCH SOME WINK!  Wink will be out and about with its wares. Make sure to stop by our booth and snatch your wink, or at the very least say hello and try on some of the new bling.  FYI: This list will be updated constantly, so check it often.  You can always hit me up to find out exactly where Wink will be next. Hope to see you soon! 

Small Business Saturday Trunk Show
Saturday, November 29th, 4-10pm
Sew Loka
1821 Fifth Ave. San Diego 92101
(Event added on 10/28/14)
Hecho Con El Corazon
Saturday, November 15th, 10am - 4pm
2791 Sutter Ridge Dr. Chula Vista, CA 91914

Saturday, November 1st
Muertos Festival (Day of the Dead Festival)
Sherman Height Community Center
Island Ave. San Diego 92102

Dia De los Muertos
Sunday, October 25th, 10am - 5pm
Old Mission San Luis Rey de Francia
4050Mission Ave. Oceanside, 92057

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back To Circulation

Collection found at hakanai on tumbler

IMAGINE your treasured knickknack collection as jewelry! Truth is, we all hold on to old trinkets and odd memorablia here and there. We stashed these pretty items away in protective silk bags and boxes. They are mementos from fun passages in our lives, like that keychain from your trip to Mexico, or the colorful party favor you gave at your Quinciañera, or that button that you took from a ripped jacket simply the because you liked and it made you happy. It's always fun to revisit these collections, but what is most fun it to bring them back to circulation, to give them a new life, to wear them as jewelry.

Photo by Andrea Singarella 

Such is the case for these brass shells. A Winker brought them in for revival. They were from one of those 80's suspender clips that were used on the back of jackets. Remember those?  How I wished I had taken a picture of the before.The brass shells were all worn out, blacken, and filthy. They were attached to a dirty off-white elasting band. I quickly cutoff the elastic and started to visualize what the shells could become. I cleaned them up and used a gold leafing pen to give them a gilded surface, I added the pearls and then it came to me, a bracelet was the goal. Our Winker is happy with the end result. 

Custom Order Re-purposed Shell Bracelet by Wink Artisans

Do you have treasures you wish to transform into jewelry? Go ahead, it's super fun! You can always pick my brain for ideas or bring your treasures over the the Wink studio for a consultation. I'm here to help you out if you need it.  Have a blast and as always, rock your Wink!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Muertos T's

Las Dos Heridas Kahlovera Original Design T-Shirt by Kahlovera

HAVE A GOOD TIME! This Dia de los Muertos, you are going to party. There will be the altar building, the visit to the cemetery, the pan de muerto, the tamales, el mole, un tequilazo and much more. But most of all, there will be the celebration of our dearly departed. We will remember them, their favorite jams, and their legacy.

Day of the Dead Immortal Love Forever men size t-shirt by TheDarkSyde

To do all that, you got to wear something fun and relaxing too. How about a dia de los muertos t-shirt? What a better way to party, be happy, & stylish at the same time.  
Confession time:
 I'm not much of a T-shirt person. In all actuality, I do not own a single traditional T. Maybe a women's cut shirt for my dance class, but that's it.

Dia De los muertos day of the dead tshirts
Muertos T's, an Etsy Treasury by Wink Artisans.
In any case, if you do wear t-shirts, check out the Muertos T's Etsy Treasury I curated.  I know you'll find something for you.  I'm even considering one now (Las Dos Heridas by Kahlovera is stealing my heart). As always, rock your wink!

By Sol at Wink Artisans,
maker of stunning, Mexican-themed, artisan jewelry.

Monday, October 13, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons

Dia de los Muertos Statement Necklace by Wink Artisans

BE BOLD! When life gives you lemons and you are Mexican, you make margaritas or you just put it on all your food, e.g. pico de gallo, soup, salsa, chips... the possibilities are endless. But if you are a jeweler and life gives you lemons, you just got to make something gorgeous, something bold.

A 2012 failed glass enamel project.
Back in the Spring of 2012, I was kicking butt in a copper glass enamel class. I was learning all sorts of new badass techniques and making colorful little creations. Then, my over-achiever self kicked in and I wanted to make a larger, bold, project.  I cut five pieces of copper to make a vibrant necklace. At least that was the plan in my head, little did I know that that copper did not want the glass enamel on its surface. Stubbornly, I tried and tried to add the glass enamel. First try, it did not work, it cracked as I took it out of the kiln.  I cleaned it up and tried again... I failed again. Tried, Fail, Tried, Fail. WTF! After about four weeks, I finally put the project aside for another time and filed it as a learning curve experience. 

Fast forward to Fall 2014 and here it is. I put the links together and added some beads to get an idea of what it could become. I still wanted to add color but decided to add silver instead. I took out my sketching paper and started day-dreaming. Se vale soñar!  My initial idea was large bold flowers... but then, a calavera entered the scene and that was it. The design had come to me. 

Cut Silver Pieces Ready for Soldering
I slaved away for about three days and finally I had all I needed. The shapes were cut in silver, all filed, sanded and ready for soldering.  I was so eager to see it done, that I wanted to skip steps to see it already. But I did not want more lemons so I methodically did every step carefully and diligently. 

Soldering Each Link. Work in Progress. 

Soldering is always a process. I especially detest the waiting to clean up firescale. But soon, my fruits (sin limón) of labor started to show up. It was so rewarding to finally see these two-and-a-half year old copper links come alive. I stamped each piece, filed and sanded it again to make sure there were no rough edges. Next came the oxidizing, that's when a darkening agent is added. I like contrast, it shows the stamping and it adds drama. LOL

Finished Piece.
I truly happy with the end result. Clearly, life did not give me lemons here. This necklace is fun, its trendy and sophisticated too. I know it will make someone incredibly happy this Dia de los Muertos.  So what are you waiting for? Hurry and check it out on out Etsy shop

By Sol of Wink Artisans
Maker of stunning, 
Mexican-themed jewelry