Thursday, April 30, 2015


BAILA!   Un-dos-tres, cuatro-cinco-seis, siete-ocho, nueve-diez, un-dos. Planta, tacon, golpe!  Yes, that is the sound in my flamenco class. After a while, it just becomes a mantra and when I count anything, I count in flamenco measure. I am a bit mad about flamenco.

Recently, I took an intense Flamenco dance workshop with French-born dancer,
Fanny Ara and it got me all inspired. I've been practicing almost everyday.  Maybe that's why I had to to revive my Flamenca line -which had been dormant for a while - and get some bling going. 

So here you go flamencas, this is just the beginning.
BTW, that flamenco shoe is stealing my heart!

Hammered Hoop Earrings with Orange Coral

Flamenca Tag Pendant with Red Bead

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In Lak'Ech

In Lak'Ech Statement Necklace by Wink Artisans

IN LAK'ECH -  I am another yourself or I am you, and You are me. 

Pensamiento Serpentino by Luis Valdez (1971)
In Lak’ech
Tú eres mi otro yo.
You are my other me.
Si te hago daño a ti,
If I do harm to you,
Me hago daño a mi mismo.
I do harm to myself.
Si te amo y respeto,
If I love and respect you,
Me amo y respeto yo.
I love and respect myself.
Thank you to Maria Figueroa for the inspiration get started on this piece. 

By Sol at Wink Artisans,maker of stunning, Mexican-themed, artisan jewelry.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Play More

FORGET RESOLUTIONS!  Don't get me wrong, if New Year resolutions work for you, go ahead, make your list.  For me, a New Year's resolution list is soon forgotten and it's just a failure notice at the end of the year. Instead, I am sticking to only one goal, and that is to PLAY MORE.

Play More means more laughter, more relaxation, more time with my family and friends, more hiking, more walking, more movie nights, more games with the kids, more trips, more happy times. 
 That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

Happy New Year 2015!  

By Sol at Wink Artisans,maker of stunning, Mexican-themed, artisan jewelry.

Let's Get Her To Poland

Zonia making her ornaments for sale.

SUPPORT! It takes a village. It truly does.  My 14-year-old daughter, Zonia has made up her mind. While she wishes to celebrate her Quinceañera next December 2015, instead, she decided to attend World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland and have the opportunity to listen to Pope Francis live. She is putting all her efforts to make it happen.


Her goal is to fundraise $4000. She began last November with simple tree ornaments that she handmade with recycled twigs and ribbon. She was quite successful and sold out every time she vended.  She's quite a young entrepreneur. Of course the whole family is helping out. We help her out with production, by taking her to her vending venues, and by spreading the word.

Now that the Holidays behind us, she is focusing on Valentine's Day items. Two or three simple, cute items. She will be listing them on the Wink Etsy shop under the Wink Jr. Section. and promoting them on the Wink Jr. Facebook Page.  Make sure to stop by and purchase something.

Also, sales alone will not be enough to get her to Poland. So she has started a page. You can learn all about her progress, projects and promotions on her webpage.

Here's how you can help:
Please help her get to World Youth Day 2016 in Poland.  Let us know how you can help. Thank you mucho!